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A message from Michael Kalen, CEO of Futurity First Insurance Group.
  • An Untimely Passing

    At the time of his passing he didn’t have any life insurance; he died on a Wednesday and when we were at the funeral home on Friday we were met with the brutal realities that death has to offer. How could someone with a wife and three beautiful daughters not have proper life insurance?
  • What Is Your Human Life Value—and Why Does It Matter?

    You wouldn’t think of insuring half of your car, home or other important personal property, would you? Yet when people are looking to purchase life insurance, a common perception is that only some modest multiple of your income in terms of coverage is actually “needed.” However, this often falls short of what your actual earning potential would be over your lifetime – your so-called “human life value.”
  • Millennials: How they measure up when it comes to money and their financial future (infographic)

    Millennials under 25 concern for leaving their loved ones in a difficult financial situation if they were to die, with 38% saying they were "very" or "extremely" concerned. This infographic shows some other startling facts about their financial situation.
  • Just Starting Out in Your Career? Here’s Boomer Esiason’s Advice to You

    Starting out can often be hard: entering the workforce, getting married, buying a home, having a child. These are all first steps that can be as nerve-wracking as they are exciting. But it’s important not to forget a critical step during this time—putting a strong financial foundation in place with proper life insurance planning. Neglecting […]

Do you really need long term care insurance?

Start planning now.  Evaluate your long-term care needs and the options that work best for you.

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What can an annuity do for you?

A tax-deferred annuity is a long-term investment option ...

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How protected is your income?

Imagine if you suddenly lose your job due to an injury or illness ... 

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Life Insurance! You may find that life insurance is something you not only need, but truly want.

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