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How much life insurance do you need?

Use this calculator to plan for the financial needs of your survivors. Contact your local Futurity First branch to explore a variety of life insurance options.

Age, Income and Assumptions
Your current age
Spouse's current age (if applicable)
Current annual income ($)
Spouse's annual income (if applicable) ($)
Spouse's desired retirement age (if applicable)
Investment return: (%)
Anticipated inflation rate: (%)
Immediate Cash Needs
Funeral expenses ($)
Final expenses ($)
Mortgage balance ($)
Other debts ($)
Long-Term Income Needs
Desired annual income needs
(typically 70-80% of current combined income) ($)
Number of years income is needed
College needs ($)
Available Resources
Investment assets ($)
Existing life insurance ($)
Include social security benefits?
Age of oldest child under 18
Age of second child under 18
Age of third child under 18
Age of fourth child under 18

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