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The Right Gift Can Make it a Happy, Healthy Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, you are probably already looking for a gift that matches your dad’s lifestyle. He might be a couch potato, a football fanatic or a busy executive. You may also want to consider getting your dad a gift to help him stay healthy. Below are some unique ideas to accomplish both of these goals: 

Gadget dads. Is your dad into the latest high tech toys? Try a fitness tracker. These innovative, wearable devices can help him monitor how many calories he’s burned, even outside of the gym. These devices come in many different forms, including arm bands and boxes that clip on to your waist. Many of them are extremely lightweight and waterproof as well. 

Master chef dads. 
For dads who like to cook—or even just grill—check out organic food co-op deliveries. These local growers will send a basket of fresh produce right to your dad’s door every month. This way, he can grill up some fresh veggies along with that delicious steak.

Fitness freak dads.
 If your dad is already on track for good health, help him mix up his routine with new exercise gear, workout clothes or DVDs. 

Frequent traveler dads. If your dad is always on the go, encourage him to invest in good health while he’s away. Travel weights and elastic bands are easy to store in luggage and can be used anywhere, even if a gym isn’t available. 

Stressed-out dads. If your dad is stressed to the max, give him the gift of relaxation. A hammock, a massage or even a subscription to his favorite magazine or newspaper will help him enjoy his down time.

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