Futurity First Medford

Managing Director: Dale Mlasko
Office Manager: Kiersten Madden
2581 Whittle Avenue
Medford, OR  97504
Phone: 541-973-2100
Fax: 541-973-2300
Email: medford@ffig.com

Office Agents and Advisors  

Imelda Bernard
Ivonne Gonzalez
Joanna Lee
Chirayu Patel
Ralph Storch
Azmat Bhatti
Jeanette Harem
Yoon Lee
RJ Pena
Steve Thill
Jason Brooks Cheryl Harrison
Lauren Leung
Roger Pena
James Townliand
Linda Clarkson
Timothy Held
Michelle Lopez
Irene Potter
Lizbeth Tupou
Dana Dane Geraldit Hernandez
Melanie Madden
Rico Ramirez
Gary Turner
Magnolia Ducay
Gordon Hill
Lomo Mawakli
Shabbir Ramzan
Mohammad Usmani
Dawn Eden
Vaughn Hoffman
Matthew Meyers
Keith Rapp
Sayda Zapien
Rosa Esparza
James Holroyd
Nancy Millard
John Root

Joel Ferris, Jr.
Lawrence Kalahiki
Melissa Mlasko
Jared Saladis

Christopher Gabel
Byung Lee
Sharon Murphy
Tim Sinclair

About the Medford Office

The advisors and directors of the Medford Office take great pride in the financial guidance we provide to our customers.

We believe it’s important to live and be active in the communities we serve, and we consider it an honor and privilege to serve the needs of individuals, families, seniors and small businesses here. Our career advisors have one mission — to help you achieve and maintain the financial independence and retirement security you deserve.

Futurity First.  Putting you first. 

We look forward to providing you with excellent service.

Thank You.

Dale Mlasko

Dale Mlasko, Managing Director

Dale’s career in the insurance industry began in 1982.  He is married to Melissa and has four sons, Skyler, Drew, Everett and Parker.  He enjoys family activities, traveling, and in his spare time, he loves to collect antique bottles that have been featured in national publications — The Travel Channel also produced a half-hour show featuring his involvement in the hobby.  He loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing and mountain biking.

He has many links in the community including: National Assoc. of Insurance & Financial Advisors; Rogue Valley Assoc. of Insurance & Financial Advisors; Medford Farm League Baseball; Medford American Little League Baseball; Siskiyou Antique Bottle Collectors Assoc.; National Federation of Historic Bottle Collectors; Bethel Assembly of God Church.